Rev. Connie Jones-Steward, MA | Ceremony Celebrant    

  Weddings For Your Lovestyle TM  

I am more than a wedding officiant, I am a ceremony celebrant.That translates to a teller of love stories that your wedding guests will find touching, humorous and most of all memorable. My flexible and tailored approach to telling your love story allows you to bring your guests along on the journey that led to your wedding day. Your story can include humor --such as how you decided on your sweethearts ringtone--tales of how the two of you overcame struggles and any other details of your love that you wish to share.

You will find me to be a wealth of  wedding related information. I will patiently guide you in how to obtain your marriage license prior to your ceremony and how to obtain your copy afterwards. If needed, I will offer information oh how to change your last name after you've said I do. Are you not sure which reading, Biblical scripture, New Age concept, or pop-cultural trivia to include in your ceremony? That's where my Master's Degree in Anthropology comes in handy. It has provided me with the research skills, patience and diligence to mine through all of the data out there to find the piece that fits your needs.

My path to becoming a celebrant began with my interest in natural healing. When I became a crystal therapist in 2002 the State of California required, and still does, that hands-on healers either became ordained ministers or massage therapists in order to practice. I chose to become a minster. After practicing for a while, some of my clients  ---upon learning that I was a minister---asked me to officiate their weddings. And so here we are today.

My approach to spirituality is non-religious and non-dogmatic. I am spiritual and inclusive in my beliefs and as a spiritually inclusive wedding officiant, I have the opportunity to work with couples to create the ceremony that they envision, without having to fit into any religious box. I honor and respect all beliefs and traditions –  be they secular or spiritual. My couples have been Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Pagan, Wiccan, Shinto, Agnostic, and Atheist  I am committed to helping couples who want to color outside the  lines in order to experience a wedding ceremony that sounds and feels like them, affirms their union and heralds the grand adventure that lies ahead. Helping people joyfully and meaningfully celebrate their unions is extremely rewarding to me personally. I love making a difference in people’s lives.

 My credentials include:

  • Ordained, non-denominational minister, 2002
  • Ordained , minister of women's spirituality, 2010
  • MA, Anthropology, CSUN, 2012
  • Reiki Master Teacher Certificate, 2012
  • MA, Comparative Religion, ULC, 2011
  • BS, Business Administration, CSUDH, 1986
  • Member of the Association of Bridal Consultants